Flaxta unveils the award winning Aware Impact technology

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Flaxta, a brand committed to redefining sports protection through a considered approach to performance, style and innovation is pleased to unveil the award winning Aware Impact technology. The technology was introduced at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver and ISPO in Munich.

Aware Impact is a pioneering new digital safety solution designed to measure, analyze and display real-time data critical to identifying the severity of head impacts. The system consists of three parts:


The sensor measures linear and rotational forces, as well as location of impact.


The algorithm analyzes and categorizes impact based on decades of extensive medical research.


The app displays impact data in a clear and effective manner, together with recommended actions.

“Aware Impact delivers an increased level of safety for users of all abilities by enabling both real time assessments and post event analytics of head impacts,” said Flaxta founder Erik Liden. 

It will serve coaches, parents, medical staff and ultimately the athletes themselves by gathering and storing critical data necessary for understanding and treating head injuries that inevitably occur in sport.

Aware Impact is a stand-alone system that will integrate into Flaxta snow sports helmets, protective football head band and future cycling helmets. Devices can be disconnected and placed into another, either seasonally or as protective products are damaged or run their life cycle. Batteries will charge wirelessly, and historical impact data will be stored in a secured cloud solution.

Gordini: GORE-TEX® Gloves + Gore grip technology

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Optimum tactility. Sure grip. Waterproof and breathable.

GORE-TEX® Gloves + Gore grip technology

As a special feature, these gloves offer the feel of direct grip and high tactility.

The innovative combination of these characteristics has been made possible by a special layered construction which attaches the normally loose layers of the glove to each other, preventing movement between them. They thus provide optimum tactility and better dexterity for a sure grip. This makes it easier to handle your ski poles, zippers, goggles, bags, etc.

Like all GORE-TEX® products these gloves are durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable – guaranteed.

Flaxta Behold (2020): Worlds thinnest, most ventilated and flexible back protector for skiers

The new brand called "Flaxta" has developed a new type of back protector. It's not a doormat, but the world’s thinnest, most flexible and most ventilated. If exposed to high energy it absorbs the impact. The protection is integrated into a vest, that has a clean look and a low profile. The vest can be washed at low temperature in a washing machine.

Flaxta has won an ISPO award for "aware," which makes it a top-reaching product for connected safety.


“In Powder’s new video series, we pull back the curtain on the creation of Nordica’s Enforcer line from their factory in the Alps.

When Nordica elected to manufacture skis 20-plus years ago, it was a significant shift for the Italian ski boot manufacturer. Yet now, in the company’s 80th year of existence, a line of skis, called the Enforcer project, changed the perception of this brand as not just a boot company, but one of the best ski brands on the market.

Watch the above episode and see the inside of a ski factory and learn why and how one of the most versatile lines of skis are made.”


Distraction Free Comfort: Revolutionary 3D knitting process eliminates roughly 80 percent of the seams found in traditional gloves creating distraction-free comfort for those long mid-winter training runs in the bitter cold.

Increased Dexterity: Streamlined production process provides increased dexterity making it easier to skip to that next song, or tie your shoe without taking your gloves off.

Increased Warmth with Reduced Bulk: 3D knit technology allows the incorporation of Gore Windstopper fabric without excess bulk and stitching.

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Products with Water Resistance
Garments made with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products with Water Resistance are totally windproof, deliver maximum breathability and provide durable protection from light rain showers to keep you comfortable in a broad range of activities and weather conditions.

Ideal for mixed weather including windy conditions and light rain showers.